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An anime adaptation of Tokyo ESP, Hajime Segawa’s sci-fi comedy manga about two ESP wielders who fight supernatural criminals, is currently in the works, publisher Kadokawa Shoten accidentally revealed on their website today (the page has since been removed).

The announcement was likely planned to be revealed officially later in May – possibly May 25 alongside the release of the manga series’s eighth tankoubon volume.



tokyo esp website announcement

The story of Tokyo begins with an impoverished Japanese high school girl, Rinka Urushiba, discovering that she possesses ESP powers after she sees some weird sights – a penguin, and glowing fish apparently swimming through the sky – out of the blue.

Initially she had thought it was just a hallucination due to fatigue from schooling and waitressing, seeing as nobody else around her saw the sights. But then somebody else from her school also saw it.

Eventually, Rinka discovers that she’s developed the ability to move through floors and other inanimate objects, and meets a fellow ESP, Kyotaro Azuma, who possesses telekinesis. The duo then decides to put their powers to good use by taking on individuals who would use their own ESPs for evil.

The manga series was first serialised in Shounen Ace in 2010, and marketed as the next work from Segawa after his previous manga series, Ga-rei, had finished its run.

Source: Kadokawa Shoten (via Yaraon)


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