Playstation Network in Japan has their own cat-based mascots, and this past Monday one of them celebrated their birthday in style!

In the Aqua City building on Tokyo’s artificial island of Odaiba, PSN mascot Toro celebrated his fourteenth birthday. The name of the event was “Let’s spend time with Toro! Meowful Birthday Party presented by Kuro”. The birthday party has become a traditional closing event on the last day of Golden Week in Japan.


The event included serving a special cake, a fashion show staring Toro and a special appearance by Kumamoto’s mascot Kumamon. A great number of fans of the white cat mascot showed up to congratulate him on another year passing.


Although originally from their own game franchise, Doko Demo Issyo, Kuro and Toro have since found their way into several other franchises including Let’s Golf! and Project Diva. He, and his friend Kuro, have also appeared recently in Playstation All-Stars Battle.


Source: Famitsu


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