Out of nowhere, Sega has launched an official Twitter account for Dreamcast cult classic rhythm game, Space Channel 5.

Judging from the Twitter account’s description, it appears that Sega will be making an announcement regarding the series in the near future.

space channel 5

Here’s a rough translation as to what the Space Channel 5 Twitter account says:

*Under construction in space* This is the Space Channel 5 official account. We plan to unveil what this is for in the near future. Morolians will also make pointless tweets here just for laughs. Please keep that in mind. Please also direct all feedback concerning Channel 5 to the following URL: sega.jp/opinion/ “

What do you guys think this’ll be? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s Space Channel 5 Part 3. Given the fact that Sega is actively soliciting feedback from gamers with regards to the series overall, I think we may be looking at a brand new instalment rather than a port of the previous games.

At present, the Space Channel 5 series spans two games (SC5, and SC5 Part 2). Both games were originally released on the ill-fated Sega Dreamcast, but also subsequently ported to the PlayStation 2. In addition to that, Space Channel 5 Part 2 was also ported over to the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and to the PC via the Steam games delivery service.

Space Channel 5’s protagonist Ulala was most recently seen in Sega, Capcom, and Namco Bandai’s cross-over mega strategy RPG, Project X Zone.

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