Sci-Fi anime Suisei no Gargantia is announced to have a spin-off! The new spin-off will be a prequel as it will focus on a younger Bellows, the red haired salvager of the series. According to Famitsu, the spin-off will explore her origins and how she became a salvager as well as how she found Ledo and Chamber in the bottom of the ocean. The spin-off will be titled “Bellows of Garagantia on the Verdurous Planet”


The original is by Oceanus and the manga is by Shoe with story cooperation by Hiroki Uchida and original characters by Naruko Hanaharu. The series will be supervised by Production I.G.


The original series, Suisei no Gargantia is set on a “Waterworld” where the planet is entirely covered in water. There, a pilot named Ledo and his humanoid mobile weapon, Chamber crash and are discovered by the fleet known as Gargantia where they meet Amy and her friends. Ledo’s mission is to destroy alien beings known as “Hideauze” who pretty much look like octopuses and squids. His strict military upbringing causes him trouble as the fleet is more upbeat and relaxed than what he was used to. The original series is currently ongoing as of this moment and premiered last April 2013.

Source: Famitsu


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