Total War: Rome II, to be released September 3, is already making quite an impression with its record-breaking pre-order numbers. This is really saying something, since the Total War series itself is extremely successful. In fact, Sega announced that it sold two million more Total War games last year even though nothing new was installed or released. 

That being said, it is absolutely incredible that during its first official week, Total War: Rome II had over six times the amount of pre-orders than its predecessor, Total War: Shogun 2. Even the $155 Total War: Rome II Collector’s edition, which includes a numbered copy of the game, a tabula set, tesserae dice, Punic Wars cards, a canvas campaign map, and a miniature Roman siege catapult, has sold over half of the 22,000 units available.

Be sure to play Total War: Rome II on its release day, because all downloadable content will be free. You can pre-order your own copy at, but for now check out the trailer below.

Source: Gamespot Asia


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