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Have you ever wanted to cosplay as the Surgeon of Death from One Piece? Premium Bandai has you covered.

Bandai’s official shopping site, Premium Bandai, is now accepting pre-orders for items in their Trafalgar Law Collection, featuring the longcoat and casquette (or newsboy cap, as Americans call it) worn by Law, the Surgeon of Death from the anime One Piece.

Featuring his signature leopard print, this longcoat is 100% polyester whereas the casquette is made of wool and fiber. Put on these clothes, and your friends will think Law had jumped straight out of the anime.


The longcoat comes in medium and large sizes, and the model in these pictures is wearing a medium. It costs 25,200 yen, and the casquette, 4,500 yen. If you reuse an old cocktail dress instead of buying a new one, you’ll save enough money to buy the longcoat, and maybe the casquette too.

In addition, you can also pre-order these piercings and belt engraved with Law’s pirate insignia.

Law RingLaw Belts

The piercings cost 12,600 yen, and the belt, 3,500 yen. If you really need to buy that cocktail dress or biker jacket, then add one of these classy accessories to show your allegiance to Law. You can pre-order all of the above items now and they will be delivered this September.

As One Piece fans know, Law wears these clothes starting from the Punk Hazard arc. But what if you want to wear his clothes from Sabaody Archipelago? Have no worries, because his hoodie (long- and short-sleeve versions!), jeans (men and women sizes!), and old hat are also available on Premium Bandai.


LawhoodieLawHoodieb LawJeans Lawhata

To order Law’s clothes now, head over to Premium Bandai’s website. With all these choices, now’s your chance to hit the streets like a pirate from the New World. Now, if only you had his nodachi…

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