Upcoming 2013 anime The Unbreakable Machine Doll has just released a new preview and so far, it is looking pretty good with a lot of action. The anime is based on the light novel written by Reiji Kaito and illustrated by LLO. It is serialized by MF Bunko J/ Media  Factory.

Here is the second PV released by the official website.

We are also presenting you the very first PV released by Media Factory.

The Unbreakable Machine Doll follows Raishin Akabane, a student of the Royal Academy. He has a goal of becoming a Wise Man. He is also accompanied by his puppet weapon Yaya. It is set in an early 20th century-like environment where both science and magic are utilized for weaponry. The Light Novel series is currently at 11 volumes as volume 11 was just released May 24.


The cast and staff for the anime were also announced previously. Click Here for more details on the staff and cast.

Source: Unbreakable Machine Doll official website


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