Hanazawa Kana: She is known for her beautiful and sweet voice and lovely smile. The voice of Ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai’s Kuroneko and IS: Infinite Stratos’s Charlotte Dunois has given many anime fans something to cheer about. Now however, she has given the internet something to laugh about. She now joins the ranks of legendary NBA center (and internet meme icon) Yao Ming and Korean actor Choi Sung Kook. Yao Ming, who is now retired has become more popular lately by becoming the now-legendary meme, “Bitch Please!”

The three now form a CJK (China, Japan and Korea) triumvirate as their now famous smiles have become the focus of several Chinese memes. The three are now called “The Big Three” as all three showcase (very) large smiles.


  And now, people with a good sense of humor in China are quick to act. Take a look.

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Apparently, Hanazawa Kana’s smiling picture came from a program she appeared in. While doing her now-famous smile, a weather report is flashing showing that the weather is flowing north to Hyogo, so in China, she is now known as Miss North Hyogo, making her (and her smile) their newest meme.

Source: Rocket News


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