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Microsoft has unveiled its next-generation video games console – the Xbox One, so named due to its concept to provide an “all-in-one” experience.

The Xbox One console features voice and gesture controls powered by a new Kinect sensor, and will allow gamers to switch quickly between watching live TV, playing games, and accessing other content and services – Internet Explorer, Skype, on-demand movies – from the Xbox One home screen with, all using intelligent voice commands.

Gesture controls can also be used for system functions, and the one demonstrated at Microsoft’s unveiling today is a two-handed pinch in and out gesture that will let gamers switch between a full-screen mode for movies and games, and a layered-window display with multiple apps shown on the screen all at once, such as the Xbox One’s default home screen.

skype in snap mode

While in full-screen mode, gamers can “snap on” an app, which will dedicated about one-third of the screen’s real estate to an app while your movie or game is playing on the remaining two-thirds of the screen.

Apps that will support “snap mode” (that’s what this function is called) include Internet Explorer and Skype.


Control mechanisms

Xbox One will feature three different control mechanisms – the controller, Kinect, and Xbox Smartglass (on tablets) – all of which can be used in conjunction for various functions.

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xbox one specs

Xbox Live

Microsoft’s Xbox One console will also see an improved iteration of the Xbox Live online service. Most notably, the new Xbox Live service will feature revamped achievements, as well as a cloud-based video editor that will allow gamers to capture and share footage directly from their Xbox One games.

Movies, music, games, and game saves can also be stored on the cloud via the new Xbox Live.

xbox live achievements

Games announmced

  • FIFA14
  • Forza 5
  • Quantum Break (a new franchise from Remedy Games, the makers of Alan Wake)
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts (DLC are timed exclusives)

Microsoft plans to release 15 exclusive games for the Xbox One in the first year, eight of which are said to be brand new video game franchises.


Launch date and price

The Xbox One will launch “around the world later this year”. However, no concrete date or price information was given.


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