Kyoto Animation announced in their website that they will be releasing a 1/8 scale figure of the very cute “Evil Eye” Takanashi Rikka! The 1/8 PVC figure is produced by Kojima Shou and because she is kneeling, the figure only stands about 12 cm. The Rikka figure is in a kneeling pose with her signature eyepatch and holding a pistol and her umbrella strapped in a holster in her left thigh. A perfect must-have for all them “Chuuni” fans


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Meanwhile, Bandai has announced that the latest addition to their Armor Girls Project (AGP) line will be Date-A-Live’s Tobiichi Origami!


This figure is made of PVC and ABC and stands about 140 mm. Like all figures under the AGP line, this figure is completely posable. She comes with her own flight pack as well as an array of spirit-fighting weaponry. All weaponry are removable. This figure is set for release September 2013 and costs about 7140 Yen.


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