The official website of Namco Bandai’s newest Dragon Ball fighting game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z has opened, and it posted the first trailer for the game. Prepare your eyes for all the punches, kicks, and energy blasts that Dragon Ball is famous for, but to a whole new level.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z features up to four player co-op, and an up to eight player battle royale! To make these new features seamless, the game has strong online multi-player support. Instead of just having a bunch of people in the arena just doing their own thing, players can cooperate and perform synchronous moves, such as “Synchro Rush”. Players can even increase each other’s health through “Revive Soul”.

As a huge Dragon Ball fan (and that is an understatement – my entire room is Dragon Ball, I watch it almost every night, I have over fifty Dragon Ball action figures, all the manga and episodes, and my Deviantart account is flooded with fan pictures), I am so excited for this game! The Super Saiyan God form that was shown in this year’s movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will even be available!

Check out the awesome trailer below. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z will come to the XBox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, although the price and date are unknown. However, one thing I do know: once this game comes out, see me on the battlefield!


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