akira1I think Weekly Shonen Jump said it right with the words “The ‘legend’ of hope for the entire world returns here!” That legend is Akira Toriyama, the genius behind Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump. In honour of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump’s forty-fifth anniversary, Akira Toriyama will be creating a three-part series titled Galactic Patrol Jako. Serialization begins July 13, so remember to hit the manga stands that day!

This is not the first time Akira Toriyama has graced the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump since the end of his major manga series. In 2009, he partnered up with fellow artist Masakazu Katsura (the author behind Video Girl Ai and DNA²) to create the mini-series Jiya for Young Jump. In fact, these two collaborated on a one-shot for Jump Square in 2008, too. More recently, Akira Toriyama wrote Kintoki for Weekly Shonen Jump in 2010. 

So the legend is always around, planning to bring new hope to his followers. As one myself (and that’s an understatement, since I’m probably single-handedly responsible for at least half of all the profit made off of Dragon Ball), I can’t say any other manga artist’s work made me feel as ready to take on the world as Akira’sand it is certainly phenomenal news that he will be bringing smiles to the faces of his readers again soon.

Seriously, just look at him! If that face doesn’t make you want to nerd-up and shoot kamehameha waves all through your house, then I don’t know what else could!


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