Sega has been kind enough to explain some new features and additions in their upcoming sequel to the extremely popular 3DS rhythm game Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai, Hatsune Miku Project Mirai 2.

Touch Mode:

In this mode players will use the touch screen to play the game as opposed to using the traditional button control scheme. So instead of pressing the buttons that correspond to the buttons on the top screen, players will touch the appropriate area of the lower touch screen in rhythm with what’s displayed on the top screen.

The touch mode is aimed to make the game more accessible to everyone in order to make the experience one that can be enjoyed by people of all skill levels.




Button Mode:

This mode will be the one that all people who have played any version of the vocaloid rhythm games will be accustomed with. Touch the corresponding buttons in time with the buttons displayed on the top screen in order to chain combos and get more points.



With the addition of these two modes, hopefully casual and even previous fans of the games will be able to enjoy this new installment in the Project Mirai series.

SMT4_screenshot (1)
Ready to fight more demons and angels? Well get ready for some Shin Megami Tensei IV DLC. In the newest DLC, players will be introduced to a new character who simply goes by “M.”

It is later revealed that M is just an alias for the archangel Michael. Michael is not alone though, players will also have to face the archangel Gabriel in the new DLC quest.







If players are able to defeat both of them they will unlock the archangels and gain access to them in battle. Upon defeating the fallen angels, players will have one more challenge to face, the Demon King Aeshma- an opponent who players will find to be one of the toughest adversaries they will ever face.

All the bosses in the DLC come with special, rare, skills so be sure to take advantage of this and take them down as soon as possible.

A little bit of extra help will be sure to help during your journey especially when it’s help from archangels and demon kings themselves.


New Armor:

Players will get to wear the armor of Koga Saburo, a very powerful demon whose body was turned into a snake. The armor will definitely come in handy for the difficult battles that the Samurai will encounter along their journey.



No word on when this is coming to places other than Japan, but if you have a Japanese version of the game, be sure to get it now!



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