Attack on Titan

Are you enjoying the anime Attack on Titan? Have you read the manga yet? Well, a whole lot of people have.As of today, the manga Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) by Hajime Isayama has been released in 10 volumes and printed into 20 million copies since it began serialization in September of 2009 in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine. In comparison, by last December, the manga had sold 10 million copies — that’s only half as much!

Of course, the reason the total sales doubled in half a year is because of the anime adaptation. Since the anime started airing just two months ago, the manga has sold a whopping 8.7 million copies. On average, manga series from the publisher Kodansha sell about 2 million copies, and officials from the company describe Attack on Titan as the type of masterpiece that appears once every ten years.

Kyojin 10

In case you have read this far and don’t know about Attack on Titan, the story is set in a world where human civilization has built three gigantic, circular walls to protect itself from man-eating Titans. One day, a colossal Titan breaks the outermost wall, causing a swarm of Titans to kill one third of the human population. The hero is a boy named Eren Jaegar who vows to have his revenge against the Titans after he witnesses his mother being devoured.

The manga series first broke through 1 million sales in December 2009, when there were only two volumes, and it has also been translated into English by Kodansha Comics USA. The first Blu-ray volume will be released on July 17. How many copies do you think that will sell?

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