Still recovering from Sony’s attacks at E3, Microsoft continues to stumble with their XBox consoles.

Microsoft and the XBOne have been making headlines recently, but not necessarily for the right reasons. There is no good news for fans now, either, as the Xbox Support Twitter account has revealed that their policy on banning is not what fans would call encouraging. As laid out in their Terms of Use for the XBox One, if you are banned on Xbox Live you will no longer have access to any of your games. It is not just a temporary loss of access either, but the licenses you have to the games will also be invalidated because of the ban.


If you were wondering if you might get a refund on those games, they made it clear that, at least for the Xbox 360, you’re out of luck. As soon as the banhammer hits your account, you lose all access to any games you own digitally and any online content. Presumably, this policy will carry over to the XBox One, where it would literally render your machine useless until you register a new account with Microsoft.


Hopefully, good news is on the way for those who have ordered the XBox One, which so far has a disappointing policy on games for fans of the system.

Source: Twitter


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