Arc Systems has officially announced that the console port for Blazblue Chronophantasma will be released October 24, 2013 on the Playstation 3. All the characters that have so far been included in the arcade version will be packaged in the console version for free. Also coming to the console version are new challenge modes, score attack, unlimited mars mode, and a tutorial mode.

Challenge mode will be familiar to anyone who has played a fighting game. Players will be given certain missions to complete in order to advance onto the next one. As the player progresses, the challenges will gradually get more difficult so basically it can be as simple as pressing one button to clear a challenge or as difficult as stringing together multiple hits to string together a lengthy combo.

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Arc Systems is making sure that the challenge mode will be just as convenient if not more than their latest fighting game, Persona 4: The Ultimate in the Mayonaka Arena, by including a sample video that players can watch to see how the challenge should be completed, and an input display so you can easily see what you’re missing or doing wrong in the challenge.


Score attack is also the same as always- fight and win against 10 characters and you clear the mode. But be careful not to lose because there is no continue option so a game over means that you have to start from the beginning. Don’t forget that just winning isn’t enough. The mode is called score attack so of course aiming to get the highest score possible is what players should be aiming for but being sure not to die might become the highest priority at times.

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New to the Blazblue franchise is “Unlimited Mars Mode” which is a mode where you will go through 10 stages of unlimited characters and try to defeat each of them as quickly as possible. Different than score attack, the aim here is for the quickest victory, not the highest score. Similar to score attack though, sometimes you might just be fighting to stay alive, but don’t be discouraged and instead aim for the best time you can!


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Whether you’re a newcomer or a hardened veteran of fighting games, it might be a good idea to take a look at the tutorial that is included within the game as things have been changed between the pervious console version and the new one. The tutorial will be narrated by Noel, Makoto, and Tsubaki meaning that it will be more entertaining than just sitting through some boring lecture. In the tutorial, general tips as well as character specific tips will be included so as to help players get a feel for the game faster.

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Arc Systems also gave some details on one of the newcomers, Kagura Mutsuki who is the first charge character in the Blazblue series. His weapon of choice is a huge sword that gives him considerable reach.


Using his reach in tandem with his specials is crucial to controlling the match. Kagura can change stances with his Drive, Black Gale, meaning that he can follow up multiple types of attacks without letting the enemy restricting them.

(Standing Drive) Kagura holds his great sword above his head. From this position, the player can choose several different options to attack.


(Forward + Drive) Mainly used for forward-charging moves, this stance gives the player several options including getting close to the enemy.


(Down + Drive) Kagura kneels on the ground in preparation for an attack. From this position, Kagura can go into overhead and low attacks.l_51a8acf6637a4

Follow-up moves:

Ryuuhashou: Instead of attacking with his sword, Kagura uses it as a shield while attacking with his bare hands. This skill can absorb attacks which can nullify some attacks of the opponents.


Ryuugekisou: Kagura kicks the enemy to the ground with a flying kick. It is especially effective when used opposite of Ryuuhashou.


Toryuurenzan: Kagura swings his great sword in multiple directions. Toryuurenzan is a move that launches the enemy into the air upon hit confirm.



Ryuubakusen: Basically a hadoken. Kagura sends out a black energy wave that can vary in speed and size.


Distortion Drive

Kagura sends out a black flame from the ground. The start up and range of the distortion drive is excellent.

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Ryuuha Gokuenjin (Overdrive version): Ends with a huge projectile. Overall more damage and number of hits.


Story Mode: Kagura Mutsuki








Kagura is the highest commanding officer in the Librarium but begins to plot to overthrow it after a certain incident which casts doubt towards the true aims of the Librarium and the Empire. As a result, Kagura takes it upon himself to aid Ragna, Noel, and other people in their own battles against the Librarium.

Kagura usually works alone but has a young boy named Hibiki Kohaku (voiced by Mitsuhiro Ichiki) as an aide. Hibiki secretly admires Kagura though he constantly criticizes him for his laziness.

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Blazblue Chronophantasma comes out for PS3, October 24th, 2013. Be sure not to forget about the upcoming anime release of Blazblue Alter Memory, coming out Fall 2013 as well. The regular edition of the game will be 7140 yen but or can snag the limited edition for 10290 yen.


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