Bushiroad will be unveiling their latest trading card game, ‘Future Card Buddyfight!’ during the ongoing International Tokyo Toy Show 2013.

This will be their latest trading card game along the lines of ‘Weiss Schwarz‘ and of course, ‘Cardfight! Vanguard‘. During the event, Bushiroad will unveil the promotional video for the trading card game.


Bushiroad has also announced that they will be releasing both the Japanese and English versions simultaneously in January 2014. Not only that, ‘Future Card Buddyfight!’ also has a TV anime as well as a manga planned in the future. Bushiroad however, has not released any further details on their latest TCG.

The official website for ‘Future Card Buddyfight!’ has also been launched. However, no further details were also announced on their website. Bushiroad has announced that further information about ‘Future Card Buddyfight!’ will be released soon.

Source: Bushiroad Official Website


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