Capcom has just launched its 30th anniversary website.
The top page of the site currently features a countdown clock which will end on June 11, the date Capcom was established. Visitors of the site are also given the chance to take part in the celebration of this anniversary by posting their messages and memories of Capcom games on the top page of the site.

Capcom Co. Ltd. was first established on June 11 1983 with it’s name being an abbreviation of Capsule Computers. Originally a manufacturer of arcade machines, it released its’ first arcade video game title in May 1984. It then ventured into the home console video games market vie the Nintendo Entertainment System and scored a hit title with Megaman in 1987. Since then, Capcom has released games on all gaming platforms and spawn series of titles such as Megaman, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Ace Attorney, and Monster Hunter.

Recently Capcom held a summer event in Tokyo Aqua City in Odaiba. The event showcased their much anticipated titles Ace Attorney 5 and Monster Hunter 4 on the Nintendo 3DS as well as Lost Planet 3 on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

The anniversary website is planned to be up from now till March 31 2014. Visitors are expected to be able to leave their messages on the site during this period.

Source : jin115Capcom 30th


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