Exactly 30 years ago, June 11, 1983, video game history was made as Capcom Co., LTD. was established. From then on, they charged through with hit after hit.

They innovated the fighting game genre by introducing COMBOS in ‘Street Fighter II‘, gave us classics like ‘Dark Stalkers’, ‘Mega Man’, ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Ace Attorney’, and made us hunt monsters with ‘Monster Hunter‘. They also did truly EPIC cross-overs with other companies like Marvel, SNK and Bandai Namco. Frankly, there are too many hits to even list as far as Capcom is concerned. But Capcom isn’t just being a gaming company – they also have a hand on Hollywood movies, anime, western animation, Takarazuka Revue stage plays, collaboration with local governments and many more.


In a press release by Haruhiro Tsujimoto, President and COO of Capcom, he announces that Capcom will hold a variety of events including a “commemorative exhibition at the “Huis Ten Bosch” theme park in Nagasaki, produce commemorative illustration with the participation of users, and hold events at Capcom amusement arcades. In addition, Capcom will display the 30th anniversary logo that was announced earlier this year in advertisements, publications, websites, events and other locations.” He then added that they will now start operating on their 30th anniversary website. He added “Visitors to this website can read messages from the chairman and president as well as employees. The website will also have information about the history of Capcom, a page for visitors to enter their own messages, and other sections. We will use this website as the focal point for providing information associated with this anniversary year”.

Their other commemorative events include a new 30th anniversary logo, their 30th anniversary website, and the release of the “CAPCOM ARCADE CABINET -Retro Game Collection” as well as plans for other commemoration games. Several of their online and social games will also hold commemorative events, no further details about this were announced so far. Like mentioned earlier, Capcom will also hold several exhibitions like the one in “Huis Ten Bosch” as well as one during the ongoing E3 event in Los Angeles.


Capcom will also hold an illustration contest with the theme “My Capcom”.  The winning illustration will be exhibited at Capcom facilities as a symbol of the 30th anniversary. The company will also hold collaborations with external designers. According to the press release, ‘The designers of “play set products’ will create character illustrations that will be used to make merchandise portraying characters of Capcom’s well-known game ‘Street Fighter‘. Capcom is also asking their fans to send in their smiling faces  as they will be v=creating a mosaic art for their ‘Annual Report 2013’.

Also, a certain Capcom Encyclopedia was spotted earlier in Amazon. The book costs about US$11.00 and is set for release in October.



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