Super Heroine Chronicle

Namco Bandai Games has revealed some more info on their upcoming game featuring heroines from ten different anime, including old and new characters. How many do you recognize?

Super Heroine Chronicle is a strategy RPG for the PS3 and PS Vita. If you haven’t seen the heroines who were revealed earlier, you can check our previous article. Otherwise, read on to discover the game’s original characters.

Noelle Kazamatsuri (Designed by Satoshi Urushihara, CV: Rina Satou)


A second-year student at Saint Mont Blanc Academy, Magical Magician Department. A 14-year-old magician who can combine holy and dark magic to manipulate “magical magic”. She specializes in long-distance attacks, but since she’s still inexperienced, she makes mistakes from time to time. When Noelle was a child, her life was saved by a magician wearing a purple leotard. Because of that, she aspires to become a magical magician who can save people. She has a cheerful personality, but she can also be reckless and stubborn.

Her designer, Urushihara, has worked as a manga creator and character designer for anime and games, whereas her voice actress has also voiced Mikoto from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

Meru Rancielle (Designed by Tooru Minazuki, CV: Hisako Kanemoto)


A second-year student at Saint Mont Blanc Academy, Magical Yoyo Department. A 14-year-old successor of the Magical Yoyo style. Her real dream is to become an idol, but she is too afraid to tell her parents. She dresses like an idol and has a rough personality, but she quietly keeps her thoughts to herself. She has known Noelle since they were children, but they often get into arguments because of the difference in their personalities.

Her designer, Minazuki, is a freelancer who formerly worked for the visual novel developer Aquaplus. Her voice actress, Kanemoto, also voices Squid Girl.

Claude (Designed by Shinichirou Ootsuka, CV: Hiro Shimono)


A mysterious boy. He travels across worlds, but has lost his memory. He also has a habit of mumbling to himself. He is timid and doesn’t like to fight, but he is skilled in running and has been able to survive because of his ability to flee. He’s also able to use healing magic with his right hand.

His voice actor, Shimono, voiced Shou from Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ and Connie from Attack on Titan. His designer, Ootsuka, also worked on the game Conception: Ore no Kodomo wo Unde Kure!

Along with these characters, we also have some glimpses of Super Heroine Chronicle’s gameplay system. The battles take place on grid-based maps, like in Disgaea, Final Fantasy Tactics, and many other SRPGs.


There is also  feature called Soul Sympathy, where three characters bind their souls together.


There is also the Extra Attack. We’re not sure what this does, but judging from the screenshots, it seems you can pick an attack name with the direction buttons.


Characters also have cutscenes that show up when they win or lose.

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Namco Bandai hasn’t gone in-depth with the game system yet, nor have they given a release date, but fans of RPGs and anime crossovers should keep an eye on this game. Lastly, here are some more screenshots for fanservice.

Source: Dengeki


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