Even though we are excited for the sexy male characters in the upcoming swimming anime Free!, we cannot neglect the female characters. Or, we can, and just focus on the muscular and charming men, but that would be a shame considering that the voice cast for the female characters is pretty talented.

Akeno Watanabe will voice Gou Matsuoka, the younger sister of Rin Matsuoka. We best know Akeno from her roles as Witch Hunter Robin‘s main character Robin Sena, Fate/zero‘s Natalie Kaminski, and Gintama’s Mutsu.


Satsuki Yukino will voice Miho Amakata, the lead teacher of the series. Satsuki’s impressive resume includes Kagome from Inuyasha, Shimura Otae from Gintama, and Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic. 


The official guidebook for Free! is available at KyoAni’s website for fifteen-hundred yen. You can pre-order it now before its actual sale date July 3. The guidebook will be one-hundred pages long, and include character descriptions and introductions, and interviews with the director, character designer, and others.


We’re getting down to the final wire! With all the hype surrounding the trailer, and promotional videos for the different main characters, the only thing left to do is to actually air the anime! If you want to do a quick catch-up before that fateful day in July comes, check out our previous coverage of Free! here.

Source: Crunchyroll


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