Cosplay guests King x Mon, Misa, Yui & Saffron were in Singapore as part of Cosmo Youth Parade’s cosplay exchange and meet-and-greet segments. We met up with all five for a group interview session with the ladies.

Yui and Saffron’s popularity picked up as they partnered up earlier this year for their PSYCHO-PASS photoshoot. Based in Hong Kong, their cosplay shoots focus more on a ‘what if’ element than a standard shoot, increasings their  likeliness to the characters.

Misa’s fanbase has been going on for quite a few years, with many cosplays from lead characters as well as side characters. Most of them are bubbly and cheerful types, similar to her own character.

King x Mon deals out many high quality cosplays through their shoots, and if you have been following them, they have behind-the-scenes videos that are funny yet interesting to watch. Who says you have to be totally prim and proper to be a famous cosplayer?


SGCafe had the opportunity to have a casual interview with them yesterday afternoon. While lunching at an eatery somewhere in town, we received somee very interesting responses from the cosplayers:

Greetings, and welcome to Singapore! What are your opinions of cosplay before entering this hobby? As a cosplayer now, what are your opinions of the hobby?
Before cosplaying, I have always admired and respected cosplayers who dress up as anime characters, and looking like the characters! But now, I find it slightly weird as to why I would think of that way then. (As a cosplayer now) I feel that we are very weird people, so please don’t look up to us (laughs)

How do you guys communicate with your photographer during photoshoots?
Mon: We are mostly very playful and boisterous during photoshoots! But even then we are serious about it, and will notice irregularities like (preview photos with) weird angles.

King: We work very closely with the photographers. Normally, we will find photographers who are familiar with the series that we plan to shoot, but even so, the photographer may have his own way of thinking, as do us cosplayers, so there may still be some difficulty in communication. To solve this problem, we will print out images of the things we want to achieve in our shoot, and tell our photographer to follow this style of photography. The photographer may then adjust certain angles or incorporate his own style. But this process may cause the photoshoot to drag on as we try to understand each other in order to create good photos.


Misa: I will try to illustrate or draw out the concept I wish to achieve in the photoshoot, either by using a rough shot and adjusting using Photoshop to let the photographer know what I’m trying to achieve with the photoshoot. I will let the photographer know that post-processing or special effects for these photos will be left to be done by me, and the photographer should simply focus on achieving those shots that I requested. I will also let the photographer know of the angles by using the photographer’s camera and ask the photographer to go to that spot to pose instead.

Saffron: Very similar to how King and Mon have answered, we will communicate with our photographer on the direction we want our photoshoot to go, and preferably a photographer that understands us and the series we will be having the shoot on. Also, we don’t usually just work with one photographer, as there are various photographers with different styles.

cosmo03 cosmo02

Yui: Communication is very important, so much so that photographers are also our friends; but they can be quite merciless as well in a way that they would say “No this angle won’t work, you will look ugly!” (laughs)

There are Singaporean cosplayers who approach you guys through your individual facebook cosplay pages. Were you surprised that you had fans from Singapore? How do you find our local cosplayers?
: The fans’ responses were very happy and expressive, with loads of exclamation marks and emoticons (laughs) I feel Singaporean cosplayers are very friendly and warm, even more so than Taiwan’s.

Do any of you have foreign cosplay friends? If there’s a chance to have photoshoots with them, would you take up the chance?

Misa: Yes of course I’d love to!

Saffron: I feel that overseas photoshoots will be fun and challenging, especially for locations that Hong Kong does not have. So I think it would be nice to be able to (have a photoshoot with foreign cosplayers) and have an exchange of sorts.

King: I feel that for Singapore, the night scenery is fantastic especially with all the tall structures and buildings, and is very iconic that once you look at the picture you’ll know that’s definitely Singapore.

Mon: Yeah, Taiwan doesn’t have that kind of fantastic night scenery.

King: Not as beautiful – it is because our buildings and structures are more cluttered.


Throughout the interview, we get to know that Misa loves food and snacks, and actually has a friend who used to partner up with her for cosplays. Unfortunately, she was more involved in cosplay, while her partner had to focus less on the hobby and cannot keep up with Misa’s cosplays. For King & Mon, King explained that she would still be friends with Mon even if they weren’t cosplayers in the end, as their families know each other. Yui & Saffron only began partnering up recently, but both have cosplayed for quite a while.


If you wish to meet and interact with these cosplayers, head on down to *SCAPE tomorrow for the COSMO Youth Parade, starting at 12pm! The event will last till around 7pm, be sure not to miss it!


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