After an exciting week at E3 2013, creator of the Metal Gear series Hideo Kojima took the time to talk with Famitsu about his hopes for the latest instalment Metal Gear Solid V. Rightly curious about Metal Gear Solid V’s open-world and online aspects, Famitsu began by asking Kojima to elucidate his reasons behind making the newest Metal Gear a AAA game. Kojima replied:


Well, a part of me likes to express myself in such a way, but video games are a form of media that rely on technology. Games continue to grow horizontally, but in order to evolve in a vertical direction, they need to climb one step at a time, and it isn’t easy to jump two steps at once. In other words, if they don’t pursue the most they can, it’s a tough road ahead.

Despite the fact that Metal Gear is an extremely successful franchise, Kojima remains humbly aware about the difficulties that lie in making the game better. Not to be outdone by other next-generation games, Kojima acknowledges that the social aspect to gaming cannot be ignored, and that Metal Gear Solid V will have social features.

Kojima believes that with each installment in Metal Gear, he has moved forward vertically and has continued to evolve. Perhaps these next-generation social features he talks about include the possibility to make Metal Gear Solid V playable on multi-tablet platforms.

Of course, Kojima would never abandon what made Metal Gears so great in the first place. Even with the open-world and online features, Kojima stresses that Metal Gear Solid V will still be a good game on its own. Great graphics, great story line, everything we’ve come to expect.

kojima2Metal Gear Solid V will be available for both current and next generation consoles. Kojima sees video games increasingly relying on cloud services, and believes that tablet features necessary so that games are not restricted to a particular platform. The series has been one of the most successful ever to launch in Japan, and is one of the few games whose fame carried over into Western audiences. When Famitsu asked whether Kojima is keeping his Western audience in mind, Kojima replied:

Our intent is to develop something that can please players on a global scale, so we’re not thinking about anything like that. However, Metal Gear sells the most in the United States. The largest market is also the United States, and they’re home to the world’s largest game show in E3. Naturally, we’d like to compete and win against the world’s best, there. Metal Gear Solid V’s ‘V’ also stands for ‘Victory,’ which also means that we’d like to win in a global scale, once again.

The trailer at E3 definitely excited Western audiences, so we can only imagine the success Metal Gear Solid V will reach. If you missed the trailer, here it is below.

In his final statement, Kojima addresses his fans, saying “Metal Gear Solid V will indeed be challenging the rest of the world. In order to win this fight, we’ll be needing all of your support. Please look forward to the world of a next-generation social service that will utilize the cloud”. Are you on team Kojima?

Source: Famitsu



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