Shingeki no Kyojin‘ author Hajime Isayama’s livedoor blog has been flooded by a comment over and over again recently, and that comment was anything but good.

The comment stated that the now popular manga author will be beaten to death with a blunt object on June 29. The comment also added that the Japanese police are incompetent so he will never get caught. The comment was clearly meant to provoke the author as well as the police. This threatening message hasn’t been taken down yet as of this moment.

death threat 2

Isayama has also received A LOT of threatening messages on June 28 as can be seen in this screen shot of a comment in his blog.

death threat

This message was posted multiple times on Isayama’s blog and was clearly provoking the author. The comment stated that Isayama should just commit suicide and continued to insult him by saying he is a “shitty guy”  and that he is just a “dirty piece of trash”.

The other commentators reactions after his posts were mixed with some taken by surprise by the message while some just treated him just like any other internet troll.

Isayama hasn’t commented on the issue so far and no news hasn’t been released about the police’s action on this matter as of the moment.

Source: Rocket News Japan


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