If you’re a fan of idol anime like The [email protected] and AKB0048, then you may be interested in the newest anime from the director of Kannagi and Fractale.

Wake Up, Girls! is an original anime from the director Yutaka Yamamoto, scriptwriter Touko Machida (Lucky Star, The [email protected]), and music composer Satoru Kousaki (Lucky Star, OreImo, opening themes of The [email protected]).

The anime was first announced last fall, when Avex started working with the voice talent agency 81produce to hold auditions for the main characters. Now, after auditioning over 2,000 people, Avex has opened the anime’s official website and revealed some information about the story.


The anime is described as a heartwarming success story of seven girls bearing their own problems and scars who work together to become idols. It begins with a man named Matsuda who works as a manager for a failing talent agency called “0” (“Zero”). Although it hasn’t been confirmed, the anime may be connected to the 2011 Touhoku earthquake, since Sendai is located in the Touhoku region and Yamamoto also directed a music video for the charity project Zapuni.

The staff of the anime will hold a talk session at this summer’s Wonder Festival on July 28, with appearances by Yamamoto, Kousaki, Machida, voice actress Emiri Katou, and the seven newcomers selected to voice the idols. Are you interested in seeing who will make their debut in this idol anime?

Source: Yaraon


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