The cast and staff for upcoming vampire anime ‘Diabolik Lovers: Haunted Dark Bridal’ have finally been announced. The anime based on the otome game will be released later this year. However, the part for the anime’s heroine Yui Komori has not yet been announced as the Official Website has said that her voice actress will be revealed later.

The voice actors for the six vampire brothers who are going to live with Yui Komori however have been announced.  Ayato Sakamaki will be voiced by Hikaru MidorikawaHe has voiced Android 16 from ‘Dragon Ball Z‘, Lancer from ‘Fate Zero’, Heero Yui from ‘Gundam Wing‘ and Kaiba Seto from ‘Yu-Gi-Oh‘.


Kanato Sakamaki will be voiced by Yuuki Kaji who is known for voicing Haruyuki Arita/ Silver Crow from ‘Accel World‘, Alibaba Saluja from ‘Magi‘, Issei Hyoudo from ‘High School DXD‘ and Amata Sora from ‘Aquarion EVOL‘.


Raito Sakamaki will be voiced by Daisuke HirakawaHe is best known for voicing Makoto Itou from ‘School Days’ and he has also voiced Muneakira Yagyuu from ‘Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls‘.


Syuu Sakamaki will be voiced by Toriumi  KousukeHe is known for voicing Hajime Sato from ‘Hakuoki‘, Asemu Asuno from ‘Gundam AGE‘ and Kiba from ‘Naruto‘.


Reiji Sakamaki will be voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi. He is known for voicing Tooya from ‘Ayashi no Ceres‘, Tatsumi Oga from ‘Beelzebub’, Laxus from ‘Fairy Tail’, Kamina from ‘Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann‘ and America from ‘Hetalia‘.


Subaru Sakamaki will be voiced by Takashi Kondou. He is known for voicing Ken Sugisaki from ‘Seitokai no Ichizon‘, Akuto Sai from ‘Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou’ and Toriko from ‘Toriko‘.


The anime will be directed by Shinobu Tagashi who has provided key animation for ‘Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?‘ and ‘Digimon Adventure 02‘. Music will be done by Yuki Hayashi who has done the music for ‘Robotics; Notes’ as well as the music for upcoming summer 2013 anime ‘Blood Lad‘. Yuuko Yahiro will be doing the character design and series composition will be done by Haruko Nagatsu. The anime is based on the otome game by Otomate and is produced by ZEXCS. They have also released a new anime PV which can be viewed here.


The story follows Yui Komori, a girl who because of family circumstances attends her school’s night class. And also because of family circumstances, she also lives with six vampire bothers.


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