Some exciting news came during a live broadcasting of a Dragon Quest 10 TV special earlier yesterday – June 22 to be precise. Dragon Quest 10 will be coming to the PC and will have online support.

The game has begun beta testing already and a release date has already been given. Mark your calendars for September 26, Dragon Quest X for the PC is coming later this year!section03_img02_b

The game itself will cost you 3990 yen (approximately 40 USD), and the special pack that includes a controller and security token will go for 9800 yen (approximately 100 USD).

Square Enix has updated the official site for Dragon Quest X to include the PC version making the game being officially released on the Wii, Wii U, and PC. The Wii version of the game came out last year, August 2 while the Wii U version came out March 30 this year.


Now that the already vast MMORPG Dragon Quest X will be expanding to the PC it’ll make the game much more accessible which will hopefully lead to an increase in subscribers and an overall more enjoyable experience.


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