Sony’s E3 presentation was all about the PS4, while the PS Vita was barely mentioned at all. If you were hoping for Vita news, however, there are two games to be excited for.The first one is the previously announced Tearaway, an action-adventure game from Media Molecule, the developer of the popular sandbox series Little Big Planet. This game takes adavantage of practically every feature of the Vita, including the front and rear touchscreens, gyroscope, microphone, and camera.

Using these features, you must solve puzzles and clear obstacles in creative and funny ways — for example, when you press a finger against the rear touchscreen, a giant finger pops out of the ground in-game. If you haven’t seen last year’s announcement trailer, watch it below:

In addition, here’s another trailer revealed at this year’s E3:

This quirky Vita game will be released on October 22 in North America and 25 in Europe.

Also, newly announced at E3 is Destiny of Spirits, a Vita title developed by Sony’s Japan Studio (responsible for Gravity Rush) and Q Entertainment (Lumines).

Destiny of Spirits is a free-to-play “social” RPG that lets you connect to other players to collect and train Spirits. Not much else has been revealed about the game yet, but it will be released sometime this year. You can watch the reveal trailer below.

Along with Tearaway and Destiny of Spirits, there will also be Vita ports of God of War 1 & 2, Flower, Dead Nation, and The Walking Dead. For people who don’t own a Vita yet, there will also be a Vita bundle with season 1 of The Walking Dead and the 400 Days DLC. The PS4 stole the show at E3, but Sony hasn’t forgotten their handheld.

To see even more games and news from this year’s E3, click on this link: http://sgcafe.com/tag/e32013

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