EA took to the stage earlier today to show-off what new games they have in the works, and finished things up with a big surprise.

EA had previously announced Titanfall and a hint at what their new sports line up might be during Microsoft’s press conferences both pre-E3 and during. They had plenty of surprises in store, though, as they announced a solid line-up for this year and beyond.

They pulled no punches from the get go, as they alongside PopCap games announced another new Plants vs Zombies game called Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. This one will not be the standard castle defender that is the staple of the franchise. Instead it will be a FPS battle style game reminiscent of Battlefield and Team Fortress 2. If you’re wondering how the plants might transition to this new system, it will be similar to the class systems found in most battle arenas, with a long range sniper in the Cactus, and a healer class in Sunflower. Utilizing this system, players will be able to team up and take on big bosses, with Disco Zombie making a return with an all new song.


Speaking of Battlefield, the fourth instalment to the series also made it’s way on stage later in the show, where the new way the Commander class will be incorporated was demoed. Absent from Battlefield 3, it will be returning with a new tablet based integration for the game. Using any tablet device, or even your own TV if playing online, the Commander class will be able to support his team by seeing the map from an aerial point of view. Given the fact that the ability to destroy buildings has been added from enemy tanks, the Commander’s ability to call down missiles on targets will be particularly useful. Don’t worry, that will no longer be the only thing making the game difficult either, as the game was demoed using a massive 64-player versus game.


EA’s Dragon Age series will also be gaining a new game, called Dragon Age Inquisition, which will finally allow open world exploration. Not only that, but Bioware, the developer claims that all decisions will not only effect how the game reacts to the player, but how the player’s character also changes and grows. The sort of decisions you make will follow along the plot, giving you the choice to destroy your enemies through the inquisition or seek other, yet unknown, means to solve your problem. With mages at war with the Templar and scores of dragons seen in the trailer, the game promises to deliver another unique role-play experience.


Racing fans should not feel left out either, as the next Need for Speed game was shown to take extreme care with details. Need for Speed: Rivals includes tracking real car races and plenty of opportunities to flip enemy cars off the road. All this is done to make the classic cops versus racers scenario immensely fun, as players have the option of choosing either side in the new game. For those players choosing the cop side of the battle, a player with a tablet can assist you from the air with a helicopter, blocking the get-away cars escape.


If racing is not your sport, there were plenty of other games announced during the EA Sports segment as well. For fans of basketball, NBA Live will be making a return and offering updates to player statistics within one hour of them changing. This means you can keep the team roster up to date, and gain an advantage over those you’re playing against. They also mentioned that they fixed a long standing error in the series, where the head of the player would follow the bouncing of the ball during dribble animations. They have since been updated to change during each frame, allowing a more realistic play experience. This feature is what EA is calling BounceTek, and it will not only change the animation, but separate the balls movements from the hand movements of the player.


The next Madden and Fifa games will also be making their way to retailers this year. For Madden, this means updated HD graphics, as well as updated player profiles. A new smart offensive and defensive line, as well as True Step will add a depth of difficulty to the game that was not there previously. True Step will, much like BounceTek, add physics to the game that weren’t there before and allow for a greater reaction time from players on the field. FIFA is also upping the excitement for fans, as it offers an updated AI system with enhanced calculation numbers that allow players of the game and the computer to make better decisions on the pitch. Because of the way they created the game and the enhanced game engine on new consoles, previously moves that could be performed in reality but not virtually, are being added in.


Boasted as being “the best fighting game ever”, a new UFC game will also be making it’s way to consoles this year. Because they worked closely with fighters, they made sure to make the physics engine and fights as realistic as possible. They wanted it to be so realistic, in fact, that you can “feel the fighter’s pain” as a player. They did this by not only adding in the reaction shots seen below, but again, utilizing new physics are able to show the effects of every punch and blow landed to an opponent, rather than the overall damage screens that are traditionally used in fighting games.


Several games also made brief, but surprising appearances. Shortly after the new Plants vs Zombies game, PopCap exited the stage with a loud declaration of “PEGGLE 2!” This means a sequel to a game that has remained popular, despite lacking any other mentions, since 2008. Not much was said apart from this bold statement, so PopCap may have more to say on it in the future. Having just recently acquired rights to the Star Wars game franchises from Disney, many were hoping a new Star Wars game would be announced, and EA did not disappoint. It was very brief, but a small clip of a new Star Wars Battlefront game by DICE has fans of the series excited. So far a classic scene on Hoth of a fighter crashing between at AT-AT walker was shown, in third-person, which promises a take on the series that hasn’t been present in several years.


They saved the most surprising announcement for the end of their conference, though. For fans of Mirror’s Edge, the wait for the announcement of a new game is finally over, as its sequel was announced with a trailer. Unfortunately, the wait for Mirror’s Edge 2 may prove to be even longer, as the trailer states that “it will be released, when its ready.”


All of this was packed into one exciting hour, and EA is promising great things to come this year across all genres.

Source: EA Press Conference


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