Titanfall is looking up to be one of the better games EA is putting out this year, but is not as exclusive as promised.

The Xbox One is hurting for exclusive games before it hits shelves November, and EA promised Titanfall during the Microsoft press conference. Unfortunately, as they announced during their own press conference, Titanfall will be heading to the Xbox 360 and PC as well. While this does mean it’s almost Microsoft exclusive, it is not the XBox One exclusive gamers were hoping for.


The game will take the FPS genre and bring it to new heights with Titan suits. You will be able to go from a human fighter to a mech pilot as you mount your Titan mech suit and enter a new type of warfare.  The company boasts that they want to take full advantage of the gaming systems their releasing it on, and that it will not just be your typical FPS with a straight path to objectives. Instead, combined with fast reaction time and carefully planned maps, the pilot will be able to navigate his way around the futuristic city to access his Titan from any angle necessary.


Titanfall will be released in Spring 2014, meaning it will not be a launch title for Microsoft’s new console. The trailer is below.

Source: EA Press Conference @ E3 2013


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