Along with a new E3 trailer, Square Enix has finally released details on the Lightning Ultimate Box bundle of their next Final Fantasy instalment.

Lightning Returns will continue where previous installments to the Final Fantasy XIII games started, with the most recent one, Final Fantasy XIII-2 having been released in 2011. Despite all the negative review, though, the game’s series has been able to remain popular. With the battle system and overworld maps it brought in new players to the Final Fantasy series, but it was able to keep them coming back with the character popular among fans and critics alike: Lightning.


By becoming the titular character of a Final Fantasy game, Lightning not only guarantees her spot in Final Fantasy history, but joins in a Final Fantasy first. Since the series began in 1987, there has never been a numbered Final Fantasy game with three games attached to it. The closest would be Final Fantasy X and X-2, but with the lack of positive input from fans during the second game, a third was never developed. With such a big step in Final Fantasy history, that means a big package, and at a hefty 26000 yen, it proves its worth for fans of the series.


The Lightning Ultimate Box comes bundled with not only Lightning Returns, but with the previous Final Fantasy XIII games too. The games themselves may not be updated, but the discs will feature new original art. They aren’t the only discs in the box either: it also has three soundtrack CD’s that feature select music from the series. Just in case you need, well, a case, there’s a clear case stand bundled to let you display how much you love the series.


Along with these, as well as a small artbook showing off the costumes throughout the series, a special Lightning figure produced by Play Arts will be bundled. The figure shows off Lightning in her new costume and matches the CG model in every detail.


Naoshi Mizuta, composer for the series, wants everyone to enjoy the music for the series, so if you aren’t lucky enough to grab one of the box sets, he’s released the single for the series on iTunes. Called “The Spirit of Liberated Person (Tama no Kaihoumono)” or The Saviour, it offers a taste of music to come for 150 yen.

The normal edition of the game will retail for 7770 yen and head to stores November 21, while the bundle will be offered in limited quantities at Square Enix’s eStore, so think fast!

Source: Famitsu, Square Enix


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