The notorious swimming anime is set to hit the airwaves next Wednesday, and already goods are being produced for it.

Although the first two episodes were shown at a special event recently, Free! has yet to officially premiere and yet goods maker Hobby Stock is already prepared to offer fans what they want.

If you aren’t familiar with Free! yet, it’s story is not hard to follow as it focuses on the daily lives of the Iwatobi Swim Club. The project originally was not designed as a serialized anime and featured only a short promotional video on Kyoto Animation’s YouTube page. It is still unknown if it is a marketing stint for Studio Do yet, since the short clip too off like wild fire among the female fan community. One thing’s for sure – its anime will be airing this July.


With a cult fan following waiting to soak up as much Free! as possible, Hobby Stock has gotten ahead of any competition by releasing character goods before the show has even aired. One of those goods hints at a rival school in Samezuka High where the red haired Ren Matsuoka attends, with pins and straps of the logo being offered. Iwatobi also has it’s own set of straps to match, so fans already have a difficult decisions to make.


If taking sides on a school rivalry that you know nothing about is too difficult, don’t worry because they also have straps readily available of the main swimmers. As an incentive to order early and from them, Hobby Stock is offering a paper coaster with a random swimmer on it when you order on their website. What they will look like is a mystery, as they are currently in “now printing” status.


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