It’s official: Hit Hokkaido-grown rock band Galileo Galilei will release “Circle Club Game,” the theme song for upcoming animated film Anohana, on July 21.

This tune has served as the new opening theme for the Anohana anime series since August to commemorate the film’s theatrical release.


 “Circle Club Game” isn’t the only thing building hype among fans. Go ahead and check out the Anohana trailer on Youtube. It’s intense, exciting, and just a peek at what’s in store! Fans are gushing about it. Some say they already have goosebumps, while others claim that the preview alone has brought them to tears.


If you’re planning on buying Galileo Galilei’s new single, you might want to do it quickly. For a limited time, the “Circle Club Game” CD will also include “Aoi Shiori,” Anohana’s original opening theme. Both the extended version and the television version of each song will be included. If that doesn’t sound like enough, don’t worry. The opening movie’s storyboard, as well as preliminary illustrations, will also be enclosed.


Limited-edition copies of the CD will cost about 1,600 yen. Regular copies, which will include two other   songs in addition to the single, will be priced at 1, 223 yen. Don’t think about the price, though. Think about how you’ll remember Anohana— a riveting story of friendship, loss, and love —every time you play the “Circle Game.” Worth it, right?




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