New visuals for “Gintama the Movie: Final Chapter ~Be Forever, Yorozuya~” has just been released. This time, it’s for the Shinsengumi and Katsura.


The previous visuals showed us an adult Shinpachi and Kagura, donning Gintoki’s mementos and the full trailer showed us how badass they have become. The once idol-lover is now a skilled warrior, shown in his fearless charging towards a group of thugs. Sukonbu-musume is now a beautiful lady, now with a fouler mouth and still in constant quarrel with Shinpachi.

But what of the others? As we all know, Gintama is not only about the Yorozuya trio, but each and every one. We were only given glimpses of the other characters in the full trailer, but fret not as full visuals for them have been released.


Sougo Okita. Shinsengumi’s most popular member and one with intentions to overthrow his superior officer, Hijikata. A powerful swordsman and Gintama’s strongest sadist. He completely does away with his uniform (don’t know about the bazooka though, could be hidden somewhere) and looks as if he stepped out from another samurai manga with his wanderer style.

Isao Kondou. The captain of the armed police force Shinsengumi. A stalker to the woman he fancies, a gorilla to others. He may be a failure of society, but his nature is one that brings the rowdy Shinsengumi together. In the movie, he is a prisoner for some reason, as exemplified by his ragged look.


Toshirou Hijikata. The infamous demonic vice-chief and natural mayonnaise glutton. Seen most of the time leading the Shinsengumi in the absence of Kondo and spearheading the movement against the Jouishishi. Future Hijikata completely does away with the Shinsengumi’s trademark coat and instead puts on a more stylish trench coat. He also looks like he means business this time.


Kotarou Katsura. The so-called “Mad Noble” of Edo. Leader of the now underground terrorist group planning to overthrow the shogunate. Daily life includes evading the Shinsengumi. For some reason, future Zura’s style is that of the Kiheitai’s leader, Shunsuke Takasugi.

Feeling excited yet? “Gintama the Movie: Final Chapter ~Be Forever, Yorozuya~” starts showing in theaters in Japan on July 8. As the title states, this is the final Gintama animation that will be made.

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