The full trailer for Gintama the Movie: Final Chapter ~Be Forever, Yoruzuya~, with an original story penned by Sorachi Hideaki himself, has been revealed to the public just a few hours ago today, June 1.

The trailer features a very different Shinpachi and Kagura. The visual for future Shinpachi and Kagura has already been revealed in the visual release, but the trailer shows that not only their looks, but also their attitude has changed – much to the shock of Gintoki. Shinpachi charges and mows down a group of thugs, donning Gintoki’s famous Lake Touya sword. “Saying you’re on par with the Yoruzuya… Being this weak, aren’t you a hundred years too early for that?”says Kagura, now all grown up and beautiful, wearing a China dress – this time with a Gintoki-design. Backing them up is an aggressive looking Sadaharu.

It seems that by a strange power, Gintoki has been thrown to a futuristic Edo – one where he does not exist anymore. Gintoki is shocked at the sight of a once thriving city now crumbling and could not believe how his companions have become: a badass Shinpachi and Kagura succeeding the Yorozuya, their old home now empty with the signboard fallen off, a uniformless Shinsengumi, and many more. You could also hear the theme song, SPYAIR’s “Genjou DESTRUCTION”, in the background.

“The only one who could finish me off… Is me, and me alone.” says Gintoki in the final seconds of the trailer.


As said in the previous article, this will be the finisher to all Gintama anime and movies, and will be on theaters starting July 6. Sure, Gintama has trolled all of us about ending a couple of times before, but this time, it looks like it’s ending for real.

Live on forever, Yorozuya!

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