Namco Bandai has released more information on its upcoming sequel to the very popular God Eater Burst. In God Eater 2, players will be able to change their weapons, whether it’s melee or ranged, during the middle of a battle. Another great feature is something that ranged users will love- the blood bullet.

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The blood bullet is similar to the blood arts system that was previously introduced. As players use a certain bullet more and more, over time the bullet will automatically level up making it more powerful.

In the previous installation of God Eater, players only needed to worry about 3 categories of guns but in God Eater 2, there are even more meaning that there will be even more types of bullets that players will be able to choose and customize to their liking.

Bullet edit: Within this mode, players will be able to make their gun into one of four types of guns.


Make your gun a more close to mid range weapon.


Can fire a lot making the consumption of the gun high.


High damage and long range.


Shoots scatter bullets and does high damage in close combat.


Depending on the category of the gun, the number of chips or modules required for editing  bullets in God Eater 2’s bullet edit will vary. Also, when you acquire the blood bullet chips with special properties will be released. With those, players will be able to make even more special bullets from there making God Eater 2 even more customizable than the previous game.


God Eater 2 is scheduled to come out this year 2013 on the Playstation Vita and Portable.

From famitsu: New information on God Eater 2


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