As the summer edition of Wonder Festival 2013 (or Wonfest for short) is almost upon us, Good Smile Company is giving us a good look at what to expect.

Each product will be on sale at the GSC booth during Wonfest this July. These products will also be on sale for a limited time at the Good Smile Online Shop from July 28 until August 5. All products ordered online will be shipped late November. All products are limited edition so it would be wise to order early. GSC will ship each product to countries outside Japan and there would be a 2000 yen fixed shipping cost to all countries.

Mika and Rika Jougasaki figma


From the popular social game, ‘[email protected]: Cinderella Girls‘ comes the Jougasaki sisters, Mika and Rika (sold separately). Both girls are sculpted by Max Factory’s Masaki Asai and both come with the signature articulated figma stand.

Rika Jougasaki

She comes with comes with a rhinoceros beetle, a bear-ears headband and her memo pad as optional parts. She stands about 125 mm and comes with three expressions; winking, smiling with sparkly eyes and serious. There will only be 3000 units available.

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Source: Good Smile Company

Mika Jougasaki

She comes with two alternating hairparts; her classic pony tail and her twin tails. She stands about 130 mm and comes with a cellphone and three expressions; determined, winking and embarassed. Like Rika, there will only be 3000 Mika figmas available.

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Source: Good Smile Company

Ranko, Uzuki and Mika + Live Stage Nendroid Petite Set

We have another one from[email protected]: Cinderella Girls’, but this time, in nendroid petite form. The trio of Ranko Kanzaki, Uzuki Shimamura and Mika Jougasaki, along with a live stage make up this set. The nendroids are sculpted by knead (sai), knead (kan-D!) and knead (amato) with each figure being approximately 65 mm tall. There will only be 2000 sets available.

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Source: Good Smile Company

Nendroid Nyaruko (Maid Ver.)

Our favorite cthulhu is back, and this time, she comes in a cute maid outfit. She comes with a ‘Nightgaunt Drink’ on a tray, a ‘Kurogane no Striver’ Blu-ray boxset, and heart effect parts to show her undying love for her beloved Mahiro-kun. She also comes with a nendroid-sized Manta-kun. This figure stands at approximately 100 mm and is sculpted by Maruhige and Hidetoshi Seibu. There will only be 3000 units of her available.

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Source: Good Smile Company

1/8 Kurisu Makise (white coat ver.)

GSC will also sell a 1/8 scale figure of that certain tsundere genius from ‘Steins; Gate’. CHRISTINA… I mean Kurisu is holding a bottle of “Dokupe” and is wearing the future gadget #12: ‘Darling no Baka‘. This 1/8 scale figure is sculpted by Hironori Tokunaga. There will only be 2000 of these figures available.

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Source: Good Smile Company


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