Superstar hyde is making his rounds on Japanese television again, this time by staring in a new Sony commercial to promote their newest Xperia smartphone. Vamps has been gaining popularity on the J-rock scene, and with them hyde, who gained previous fame in rock group L’Arc~en~Ciel. Despite that, according to an interview about the making of Sony’s latest commercial for their Xperia UL Sol22, he was surprised about even being in it. In fact, about the song even being chosen, he says that it was by chance that he was asked about Sony using it. It ended up being a good thing, though, as he felt the tone of the song really fit the commercial “just right.”


When he was asked what he thought about the collaboration between Vamps and Xperia, he stated that “it’s been a while since we released that album, and I guess it almost feels like we were communicating telepathically about doing a collaboration like this. Personally I was glad to have it happen. I think its a good thing.” If your curious about what that good thing is you can take a look at the commercial below, where you can see hyde sneaking into the background in thick-framed glasses.

As for the phone, hyde said that it performs well, and you can do just about anything with it. He and his bandmate K.A.Z had fun playing with it during the shoot, and you can tell they did from hyde’s reaction during it that it was as much fun as they say it was.


Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing even more of hyde and Vamps in the months to come.

Source: YouTube


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