With the anticipation and the excitement already going high just like the summer temperature, upcoming summer 2013 anime ‘Rozen Maiden‘ and ‘Monogatari Series Second Season‘ as well as upcoming fall anime ‘Walkure Romanze’ have released their latest preview videos.


Let’s start off with the 2013 reboot of Rozen Maiden. It is definitely one of the most highly anticipated anime this summer as it ranked #3 with Famitsu‘s summer anime rankings and got the top spot with Anime One‘s summer anime rankings.

So, are you guys ready for more DESU?!



Another highly anticipated series this summer is the Monogatari Series second season. It placed #8 with Famitsu’s rankings and #6 with Anime One’s summer anticipation rankings. This newest adaptation to NisiOisiN’s popular light novel series has released the second preview for the anime’s first part; Nekomonogatari Shiro. Click here to watch it.

Also, here’s the first PV released for Nekomonogatari Shiro.


So, are you excited for for more Tsubasa, Tsukihi, Karen, Hitagi, Mayoi, Shinobu, Suruga and Nadeko? Nyaaaaaaah!


Even with some great summer anime out there, let’s not forget that the Autumn anime season will also have some great gems. Walkure Romanze, which is now officially a part of the Fall anime line-up has recently released its very first PV.

Walkure Romanze is adapted from the adult visual novel (eroge) by Ricotta. The voice cast for the anime has also been announced recently.

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