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With less than one month left until the summer anime start airing, three of them have released another trailer. Which one are you most interested in?

The first trailer is for Love Lab, a schoolgirl comedy featuring Miki, a proper and refined student council president who secretly wants to explore the aspects of love. When the rest of the student council discover her guilty pleasure, Miki viciously drags them into her romantic research.

In this trailer, you get to see the five members of the student council and hear them singing the opening theme, Love Shitai!

Another anime coming next month featuring cute girls is Tamayura ~More Aggressive~, the second season of Tamayura. Unlike Love Lab, Tamayura is a peaceful and heartwarming anime from Junichi Satou, the director of the beautiful Aria series.

The story is centered around Fuu, a girl who practices photography with a camera passed down from her late father. In this season, Fuu nervously starts a photography club in her school.

In this trailer, you get to see Fuu, voiced by Ayana Taketatsu, shouting, “Let’s photo!” as well as a new character, Kanae, voiced by Ai Kayano (Saori from Girls und Panzer). The song in the background is Hajimari no Umi, performed by Maaya Sakamoto.

If you’re not interested in cute girls, and you prefer girls who show more skin and happen to have magic powers, you may want to watch the second season of High School DxD. The story follows Issei, a perverted high school boy who is killed on his first date and reborn as a demon who must serve Rias, another demon and the most popular girl in his school. As part of his job, he must fight against fallen angels who are hunting for the divine Excaliburs.

The second season, titled High School DxD New, will follow up on the first by introducing two new enemies, Xenovia and Irino. You can see both of them in this trailer, accompanied by narration by Issei, voiced by Yuki Kaji (Eren from Attack on Titan), and the opening theme, Sympathy, performed by Larval Stage Planning.

With all of these different anime and more coming next month, are you excited for this summer?

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