Ikimonogakari’s upcoming album “I” has just been announced. The long overdue album (it’s been a year and five months since their last one) will be called “I” and is slated for release next month, July 24.

The title “I” holds many meanings for the album: the “I” that is the singer and songwriter, the “I” that is the listener, the “I” that starts the word “Ikimonogakari”, the “I” that is the reading of love (愛), and the “I” that is the reading of sorrow (哀) . The album jacket is also the letter “I”, and the artist photo shows us the three forming an “I”.

The album includes the hit songs “Haru Uta”, “Kaze ga Fuiteiru”, “1 2 3 ~Koi ga Hajimaru~” , and “Egao” plus ten new songs for a total of 14 tracks. The first press edition of the album will include the DVD containing album explanation by sound producers Seiji Kameda and Akimitsu Honma, the usual “Ikimonocard”, and a special panorama sheet.

Ikimonogakari “I” Track List


1. Egao
2. 1 2 3  ~Koi ga Hajimaru~
3. PaPaPa~Ya
4. Koi Ato
5. Haru Uta
6. My Sunshine Story
7. Nande
8. Ashita no Sora
9. Kaze Koute Hana Yureru
11. Ren’ai Shousetsu
12. Tokyo
13. Kaze ga Fuiteiru
14. Nukumori

Release Date: July 24, 2013

source: natalie, Oricon


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