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Index Corporation, the parent company of Atlus is currently under investigation by the Japanese Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission for accounting irregularities. The company is being investigated on suspicion that it was committing round-trip transactions in an effort to manipulate it’s financial results. As part of the investigation, officers from the commission have raided the company’s main office as well as the home of the company’s chairman. Index Corporation which reported a revenue of 18.3 billion yen last year is suspected to have been committing round-trip transactions for the past few years.

Index Corporation is the holding company for the Japanese enterprise Index Group of Companies. It was founded in September 1995 as a mobile content service provider before expending into the communications and entertainment industry. In November 2006, Index Corporation acquired a controlling share in the game company Atlus, making it a subsidiary of Index Corporation. In May 2010, Atlus became a wholly own subsidiary of Index Corporation following a share exchange before it was merged into Index Corporation.

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Following reports of the raid, concerns have been raised with regards to Atlus. In response, Atlus has posted a tweet on it’s official Twitter account assuring fans that all upcoming titles and events will proceed as planned and apologized for causing concern. This was followed by a tweet from the Persona Twitter account confirming that the upcoming August 13 Persona Music Fes 2013 will proceed as planned.

Source : Yaraon.NHK Newsjin115


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