Actor Kento Yamazaki will be portraying the tsundere prince Shuusei Kugayama in the live-action adaptation of the best-selling shoujo manga, ‘L-DK‘. Yamazaki is known for his portrayal of Koichi in the live-action adaptation of the horror series ‘Another’.

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According to Yamazaki, he is looking forward to portraying the character of Shuusei Kugayama and he also feels a lot of pressure from taking the role. He feels challenged at maintaining the character’s exterior while showing the audience that he actually feels differently from what he shows (which is your typical tsundere attitide). He also looks forward to working with Ayame Goriki who will be playing Aoi Nishimori, the story’s female lead. He then promises that he won’t betray everyone’s expectations and adds that the audience should look forward to watching the movie.


As mentioned earlier, Ayame Goriki will be playing the female lead, Aoi Nishimori. She will be playing Shiori Genpō in the 2014 ‘Black Butler‘ live action movie as well as Jun in ‘Gatchaman‘. She also portrayed Yuuno in ‘Mirai Nikki – Another: World‘.

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The movie is based on Ayu Watanabe’s popular shoujo manga serialized in Bessatsu Friend. It won the #1 Shoujo Manga Award during the “e-book Awards 2013”. The manga follows Aoi Nishimori, a girl who lives alone. One day, her best friend gets turned down by the school “prince” named Shuusei Kugayama. Just as she begins to hate him, he moves in next door!

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