Promo photo for Kiki’s Delivery Service live action movie

If you are looking to re-live nostalgia, photos and press event footage for “Kiki’s Delivery Service” Live-Action has been revealed. As we had reported on the live-action in April, principal photography had finally started at May 23 in a Tokyo studio, before the set is moved to Shōdo Island, a small island of the Seto Inland Sea of Japan, at  May 31. 16 year-old Fūka Koshiba, who plays Kiki, is joined by 31 years old Machiko Ono and 38 years old Hiroshi Yamamoto, who plays Osono and Fukuo (the owners of Gütiokipänja Bakery) respectively. Below are the photos taken on the set:


Left to right: Takashi Shimizu (Director), Eiko Kadono (Author of the original novel), Fūka Koshiba (Kiki), Machiko Ono (Osono), and Hiroshi Yamamoto (Fukuo)

Also, Jiji Press had streamed the Press event footage on their youtube channel.

The video footage begins by introducing Koshibai and the main cast (including Eiko Kadono, author of the original novel), before showing the parts of the huge open set, including the Gütiokipänja Bakery centerpiece in the backdrop of Shōdo Island. The footage also offer a sneak peek of the on-set filming, which also includes Miho Kanazawa, who plays Saki in the film.

In the Q&A section of the video, Koshiba revealed that she cried when she heard that she have been casted to play Kiki. The director and the rest of the cast gave her advice on how to deal with her first major film role. In additon, Koshiba said she was physically preparing for the role by taking 200 practice swings with a bokuto (wooden sword for practice) every day. Director Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge, Juon) said that he could not reveal much details of the film, such as how they will depict Kiki flying on her broom, although visual effects will be used in post-production.

The shooting will continue till the end of July.

Source: oricon.co.jp, Youtube,


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