With the ‘Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day‘ movie hitting Japanese theaters this summer, a life-sized statue of the adorable Meiko “Menma” Honma is currently in the works. The construction of the statue is currently being supervised by the series character designer, Masayoshi Tanaka. The statue will be displayed during the AnoHana Summer festival which will be held in Odaiba from July 13 until August 31.


The AnoHana Summer Festival will not only feature the life-sized statue of Menma but also a full replica of the Super Peace Busters‘s secret base.

secret base

Limited edition AnoHana goods such as T-shirts, bags, plates, towels, key chains and more will be on-sale during the festival.

goods_g01 goods_g02 goods01 goods02 goods03 goods04 goods06

And since this is a festival, of course there will be food! And since it’s AnoHana, why not sample Poppo’s coffee and Menma’s signature… ummm… muffins. And oh yes, there will be ramen and there will be with two varieties; The “Happy New Year” salt ramen and the Kakitama (egg-drop) ramen.

anohana foods

On July 28, lucky fans will get to meet Menma’s voice actress, Ai Kayano during the event. She not only voiced the adorable Menma but also Inori from ‘Guilty Crown’ and Muginami from ‘Rinne no Lagrange’.


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