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On June 16, several thousand people came to Pacifico Yokohama to watch Love Live!’s 3rd Anniversary concert, where some announcements were made that will blow your socks off if you’re a fan of Love Live!

Here are the three announcments made at yesterday’s “μ’s 3rd Anniversary Love Live!”:

  • A PS Vita game adaptation of Love Live! will be released next spring.
  • The fourth concert will be held in Saitama Super Arena next year on February 8 and 9, currently titled “μ’s →NEXT LoveLive! 2014~ENDLESS PARADE~”
  • A second season of the Love Live! anime will air next spring.

That’s right, Love Live! fans are going to be busy next year! As a treat for those fans, the members of μ’s have each made a video expressing their excitement on the Love Live! official website.

In case you’re not familiar with Love Live! School Idol Project, the story is centered around nine girls who form a school idol group called μ’s (muse) in order to save their school. The franchise was started in 2010 by Dengeki G’s Magazine, who teamed up with Lantis and Sunrise to release sixteen singles, five music videos, and one huge album before the anime aired this January, gained even more fans, and spawned even more singles.

The franchise gained so much fans, when the general tickets went on sale for yesterday’s concert, they sold out in less than 60 seconds(!), and plans were made to stream the concert live in movie theatres. Fortunately, Saitama Super Arena will be able to fit a lot more people than Pacifico.

Along with today’s news, the 6th group single from μ’s is in the works, which includes a CD and music video featuring Maki, the winner of the fifth Love Live! General Election, as the center.

In addition, three singles featuring the subunits of μ’s will be released this summer. The release dates of the singles are as follows:

  • lily white (Rin, Umi, and Nozomi): June 26
  • BiBi (Maki, Nico, and Eri): July 24
  • Printemps (Honoka, Kotori, and Hanayo): August 21

A preview of lily white’s single, Binetsu kara Mystery, is already available, and you can listen to it below:

In addition to all that, μ’s is going to hold their next performance in this year’s Animelo Summer Live. With all the work the idol group is doing, fans of Love Live! should keep supporting them. “Make our dreams come alive!”

Source: Love Live! homepage


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