Tony Tony Chopper, a popular character appearing in Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga One Piece, has been made into a wooden figurine. You can thank M-ARTS, the group selling and manufacturing them. If you’re a fan of Chopper like me, you might want to jump on this. The price is 7, 350 yen.


If you’re a hardcore Godzilla fan, you may have heard of M-ARTS. Up until this point, M-ARTS has manufactured wooden figurines of characters from the Gundam series, as well as the1962’s Godzilla, 1964’s King Ghidorah, and even a high-quality wooden carving based on 2003’s Mothra Tokyo SOS. This time, it’s Chopper’s turn.

Chopper stands 9 cm tall, and has a moveable head. If you’d like to check it out, don’t wait too long. M-ARTS doesn’t plans on accepting orders for the Chopper figurine after this July.


If it seems pricey, that’s because this isn’t any ordinary wood. It’s harvested carefully, and everything down to the grain is taken into consideration.

Then there’s the color. This is the kind of deep crimson timber used in the manufacture of products like high-grade furniture. M-ARTS gets the wood to achieve this deep color by allowing vivid red trees and shrubs to age over the years. They finish it off with a cloth polishing, giving the wood a lovely glaze.




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