Perhaps one of  the most anticipated games coming out of Nintendo this E3, the next instalment for Super Smash Bros. has not let fans down.

Masahiro Sakurai, responsible for creating the series that has brought Nintendo characters together to brawl it out, took to YouTube during Nintendo’s Developer conference earlier today. After the announcement earlier that Megaman would be joining the fight alongside the Villager from Animal Crossing, he wanted to explain how these newcomers to Smash would pan out. They weren’t the only newcomers either, as the WiiFit Trainer was also announced to be joining in the fight as well.

Before he addressed the new characters, he wanted to focus on what was coming to the games themselves, looking first at the 3DS edition of the game, and then the WiiUs. The two will luckily feature the same amount of characters, but he did not discuss whether these will be the same characters between systems. Because of the limitations on screensize on the 3DS, and the way the game functions, they outlined the characters in black to make them more visible from a distance.


He also noted that the stages will be different between the consoles, with the 3DS edition containing stages from handheld games such as Nintendogs and Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. The WiiU edition will feature stages from past home consoles, including classic stages from the Smash Bros. franchise like Pokemon Stadium and the Battlefield stage. The Animal Crossing stage also received a makeover to better match the newly released town in Animal Crossing New Leaf.


Sakurai also highlighted the other graphical differences between versions: Where the 3DS highlights characters, the WiiU highlights attacks, with new animations added to the attack sequences to show the speed at which they’re delivered. A focus on primary colors was also added to compliment the HD quality of the system.

With graphical differences and features between versions out of the way, Sakurai was quick to highlight updates to existing characters as well as how those coming to the roster would affect game play. For Samus, this was as simple as her suit being updated to match the most recent game in the series: Other M. They took this a step farther as they highlighted parts of her armor in black and updated the look farther with new metal slats.


Bowser was updated a bit more. Not only was he placed into a more upright position and no longer crouched down, but his entire character was revised. In Brawl he was a notoriously slow character, and on top of his bulk, he was unable to hit very hard. They have fixed this by giving the King of Koopas an ability to run and dash, as well as making him a heavy hitter.


Pit, who made his debut in Brawl, will also be getting an upgrade to his moves. His character is now based on the one from last years Kid Icarus Uprising. Along with the ability to use the Guardian Orbiters as a way to defend himself, he also will have a new  uppersmash to send opponents flying.


And then the newcomers were discussed, and despite no live audience, early comments on YouTube and fanreactions show they were cheering most for the announcement of MegaMan as a playable character. While new to the Smash Bros. scene, the Blue Bomber brings a jam packed arsenal with him.

Based on the design from the original game, Megaman does not punch his opponents, but instead uses his Mega Buster to take down enemies. Unlike Fox’s raygun or other projectile weapons, Megaman can use it while jumping in the air, just like in the original NES games. It was noted that his only real punch is his Shoryouken-like MegaUpper, which can send opponents flying into the air. Most notably, though, is his ability to channel Robot Lords and pull off their signature moves as well. Called the Variable Weapons System he can channel moves from bosses such as Crashman and Metalman in different ways as Normal and Special attacks.

For Metalman he has the Metal Blade, that can be thrown in eight directions and can be picked up as an item, meaning opponents have the chance to use it back against him.


The Crash Bomb will act much like the gooey bombs in past games, with the ability to attach it to opponents and for them to attach back on you or any other player in the match. The Top Spin will be a spin attack similar to Metaknight’s tornado from Brawl. One of the big game changers during cliff jumps though, will be the Hard Knuckle will be a meteor attack that can one-hit KO an opponent to the bottom of the screen.


Other staples to his arsenal will include the Slash Claw and Flame Sword which will help defend you in the air, and the Leaf Shield which has the ability to not only protect you but attack opponents as well. His Spark Shot and Flame Charge will turn both hands into Mega Busters, but if not used immediately will overheat MegaMan and leave him temporarily defenseless.


The Villager familiar to fans of Animal Crossing will also be making his way from a background stage character in Brawl, to a full-on battle ready character in the new Super Smash Bros. Like Peach he can pull a variety of objects from his pockets and pull things from the ground, but unlike the Toadstool Kingdom’s princess, he can also pocket things as well. When picking up items, the Villager has the option of pocketing them for use later or using it right away. It’s not just items he can pocket either, as he is shown pocketing enemy attacks as well.


The mischief of the Villager doesn’t stop there either, as he can also pull of combo attacks such as digging up a patch of ground to trap the opponent, and then dropping a decent sized bowling ball on them to send them flying off screen.


Taking everyone by surprise, the WiiFit Trainer is also is making her way to the stage to inspire fitness in herself and the other Nintendo characters. She will be bringing a heavy hitting set of moves with her, as she performs yoga and gymnastics against her opponent.


It is not just her yoga moves that promise to intimidate players, as Sakurai stated she, as well as all the new characters, will be receiving a powerful Final Smash. In the case of the WiiFit Trainer, her Final Smash is called Wii Fit and sends a barrage of fitness exercising clones of herself at her enemies.


If all of this is not exciting enough, know that Sakurai has said he uses his lunch breaks to play even more of the game, and promises even more screencaps of his experience on the MiiVerse’s new Super Smash Bros Community. And of course, for even more E3 action, check out all our coverage here.

Source: YouTube


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