Bringing together her band for one last time, May’n took the stage and completed her acoustic tour in Tokyo with a three day performance.

Singer May’n, popular for the songs she brought to Macross Frontier, finished her acoustic tour last weekend at Shinagawa’s Stellar Ball. The venue has seen popular acts in the past, but is largely a low key venue.  That did not stop May’n or Team Ongakushitsu from performing the songs they love. In fact, they played a full “jam” as part of this final HangJam concert, May’n’s voice resounding within the concert hall.


From the heartful “Deep Breathing” to the uptempo Get It On~ Around the Speed of Light Max (Get it on~Kousoku Kurai Max), each song in the set was performed skillfully. Adding to the feeling of the show, May’n also put on somewhat of a performance when during Get It On she ran around the seating of the venue, giving those who performed a chance to see the pop star up close.

She even challenged the audience later during the song What’bout My Star? as she led them in a three part chorus. That’s a fairly impressive feat for a concert, and she did not stop there as she and the band went right into an up tempo arrangement of Get Tough. To add to the dramatic feeling of the concert though, she followed this up with the calm before the storm song Infinity. Starting with a slow intro it quickly joins the upbeat feeling of the other songs in the concert. The energy for the concert was actually so intense that she performed an encore shortly after the last song in the set Run Real Run! With the audience chanting “Boss! Boss! (Buchou! Buchou!), she came back and performed Glorious Heart,  Disco Galaxxxy during her June 7 encore and Get Ready during the June 8 encore finale of the tour. With everything finished, May’n told the crowd that she was  “also full of the same feelings you are.”


With the Accoustic 2013 Hangjam concert over, May’n will be keeping busy over the summer before her concert hall tour called Live!Cave!Dive! in October. On July 24 she will be releasing a new single, Vivid, the opening for the new Blood Lad anime. In addition to this CD release, a BluRay of her Mic-a-Mania at Budokan will release the same day for 7,350 yen.

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