As the much awaited Monster Hunter 4 is nearing its release in September 14, several Monster Hunter 4 related accessories are to be released alongside the game. The Nintendo 3DS gear and accessories have a “Rathalos” theme while the 3DS LL gear and accessories are themed with the game’s flagship monster, the “Goa Magara”.

The 3DS Hunting Gear comes with a red grip attachment as well and a black strap. Its theme is based on the Flying Wyvern known as the “Rathalos” which gamers are sure to encounter while hunting.

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Also to be released for the 3DS is the ‘Monster Hunter 4 3DS set’. The set comes with a protector case with a ‘Rathalos‘ printed on top, a red card case which can hold up to six cartridges, a ‘Rathalos‘ strap, and a decoration sticker set.

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Accessories and hunting gear will also be released for the larger Nintendo 3DS LL, this time, they have a “Goa Magara” theme which is the game’s flagship monster. The 3DS LL Hunting Gear also comes with a violet grip attachment and a black strap.

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The Monster Hunter 4 3DS LL accessories set comes with a protector case with a “Goa Magara” printed on top, a violet card case which can hold up to six cartridges, a ‘Goa Magara‘ strap, and a decoration sticker set.

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As mentioned earlier, these gears and accessories will be released September 14, alongside the Monster Hunter 4 game for the 3DS as well as the Limited Edition set. With the number of merchandise and the high expectations for the game, Monster Hunter 4 surely is one of the most highly anticipated games this year.

Source: Dengeki News


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